Back After A Break: Here’s What I Was Up To This Year

So, I’ve been off the grid for quite a while.

My blog hasn’t been updated for a long time. My social media channels are almost dead. The only place where I was active for the last couple of months was Instagram.

So, what happened to me?

Did I run out of ideas for my blog?


Am I no longer interested to write on this blog?

Well, it’s none of the above.

Here’s what I was working on this year:

1. I launched a WordPress plugin – Smart Content Filter

2. I worked on a personal rebrand 

3. I launched a WordPress themes company – Pixify 

Let me give you some insights about these three big tasks.

1. I launched a WordPress plugin -Smart Content Filter

2018 kicked off with me working on a WordPress plugin. The idea of the plugin was to let readers filter the content they’re reading.

This was obviously inspired by Brian Dean from Backlinko. I was blown away when I saw these filters on his blog post.

Since there was no WordPress plugin that can do this, I decided to jump on it and make something. This idea was under works since 2017 but it really took off when I found a developer, Paras Shah, who is also the co-founder of this plugin.

We worked on making this product as simple as possible so that bloggers and affiliate marketers can use this on their website.

Smart Content Filter was launched in May 2018 and has been used by over hundreds of bloggers and affiliate marketers.

This was my first-ever product launch and was a great experience.

2. I worked on a personal rebrand

After the launch of Smart Content Filter, I was back to blogging as usual. Though, I didn’t publish a lot this year. It was because I was taking client projects and was very occupied in completing those.

In between all this, I used to design some cool things. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed me sharing some poster designs.

This was something I did for fun but it made realize something:

I entered this digital marketing world with graphic designing. Throughout my journey, I lost the designer inside me and became a blogger.

This led to a huge decision…

…And that was to rebrand my personal brand again as a graphic designer.

I love graphic and web designing and there are many bloggers who don’t know enough about design. I decided to bridge the gap between blogging and design and help people deliver great experience through design.

This rebrand is still an ongoing process and I have so much in store for you.

3. I launched a WordPress themes company – Pixify

As a designer and a blogger, I always felt that 90% of the WordPress themes suck. Even the ones that cost $50+.


Because it makes no sense to me to buy a WordPress theme that costs $49 and then install a bunch of plugins just to get the functions of that theme work properly.

So, what did I do?

I partnered again with Paras Shah and started a company called Pixify.

Pixify is a WordPress themes company that creates premium quality blog themes. For free!


With Pixify, we plan to make themes available for free because we feel WordPress themes should be free.


Because, what if you want to change your WordPress theme? Would spend $50 on a theme only to spend $50 more after a few months when you got tired of your theme.

Here’s the thing:

Finding a theme that has EVERYTHING you want is nearly impossible. And, this increases the chances of you buying a ton of themes.

Also, to be honest, the current state of WordPress themes industry sucks.


Most of the themes have the same design. These theme developers make gorgeous landing pages but don’t focus on the most important thing:

The blog page.

You see, landing pages can also be designed using page builders like Elementor and Divi Builder. With these builders, you can design almost any type of page.

But, the blog page is always left out.

And that’s where Pixify comes in. We made Pixify with the goal of creating the best blog themes. So, that you have a gorgeous blog design.

What about the landing pages?

Well, that’s why page builders exist, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our themes are lightweight and made to work flawlessly with page builders.

Why Are You NOT Using Your Own Theme On Your Blog?

I know there will be someone asking this question in the comments section. So, let me address this right away.

Currently, my blog is running on Astra theme. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Here is the reason why I’m not using a Pixify theme on my blog:

Currently, we have created only one theme, PixiGo. It is the fastest WordPress theme in the market right now.

Nova Theme - GTMetrix Score

But, I currently love using Astra theme and don’t want to change it. That doesn’t mean I don’t like our one and only Nova theme.

Another reason is that we have already planned some AWESOME themes in our roadmap. And I’ll be using one of those themes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s all about Pixify Themes. You can download our theme, PixiGo here.

So, that’s why I was away for a while. I will start to post more often here.


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  1. Should work on getting Google PageSpeed Scores up… Nova theme ranks medium on Mobile optimization.. if you guys can get those things inline then with caching plugin it would definitely blow out every other WordPress theme!

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