20 Best Google Fonts For Your Next Design Project

Web typography has become a very interesting topic ever since designers started getting creative with using fonts on their website.

Today, there are many creative ways designers use fonts on their website. But, it’s not about always being creative.

Fonts are what enable us to consume content. It’s an integral part of both traditional and digital media.

And, using the right fonts is crucial for anyone. Whether you’re a small business or a large organization, selecting the right typeface is very important.

Thankfully, we have Google Fonts, the most valuable resource for designers to find free fonts that look great on the web.

Today, fonts by Google Fonts have over 30 million views. This just shows how popular Google Fonts are on the web.

In this article, I’ll share with you the 20 best Google Fonts for designers that you should consider using on your next project.

But, before we dive straight into the fonts, let’s take a look at why fonts actually matter.

Psychology of Fonts

I think you already know that:

Fonts are crucial for conversions.

To prove this, Hyunjin Song and Norbert Schwarz conducted research where two groups were presented the same text but with different fonts.

The first group received the text in a simple font (Arial) while other group received a more complex font.

The results?


The second group took almost twice the time (15.1 minutes) to read the text as compared to the first group (8.2 minutes).

A complex hard-to-read font will not only affect your conversions but also can have negative effects on your brand.

That’s why it’s always recommended to use simple fonts to convey your point to the reader easily.

That being said, here are the 20 best Google fonts for designers.

20 Best Google Fonts

Do note that these fonts are not arranged by any ranking. All these Google fonts are great for use on web and other purposes.

You can download these fonts directly for free from Google Fonts.

Let’s get started.

1. Poppins

Type – Sans Serif

Styles – 18

View Font

Google Font - Poppins

Poppins is a Sans Serif typeface designed by Indian Type Foundry and is used by over 4M websites.

The font has 18 styles which means you can play around with different weights and styles. Poppins looks really gorgeous in large sizes which makes it perfect for headings.

I have used this font so many times on different websites and paired it with other great typefaces.

2. Montserrat

Type – Sans Serif

Styles – 18

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Google Font - Montserrat

Montserrat is another one of my favorite Google Fonts. It looks perfect on headings and body text making it perfect for websites.

The font has 18 styles and is used on over 9M websites.

3. Raleway

Type – Sans Serif

Styles – 18

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Google Font - Raleway

Raleway is a font used a lot for large sizes and headings because of its elegant style. The 18 styles of the font add more personality to this font.

Though the font is perfect for headings and large sizes, it’s also great for body text.

4. Roboto

Type – Sans Serif

Styles – 12

View Font


Roboto is the most popular Google Font and is used by over 26M websites. Designed by Christian Robertson, this font is has a very beautiful design and open curves.

The font pairs well with other typefaces and is popularly used as body text.

5. Josefin Sans

Type – Sans Serif

Styles – 10

View Font

Josefin Sans

One of the lesser-known Google Fonts, Josefin Sans stands out of the crowd vintage design. It also looks similar to one of the most famous fonts Futura PT.

The font has 10 styles and is commonly used at large sizes.  

6. Lora

Type – Serif

Styles – 4

View Font


Lora is a serif typeface designed by Cyreal. Though the font has only 4 styles, it makes an awesome font for headings and large sizes.

You can pair this font with a sans serif font like Lato or Roboto and get an elegant combination for your website.

7. Playfair Display

Type – Serif

Styles – 6

View Font

Playfair Display

Playfair Display is my favorite serif Google Font because of its elegant design. The font has a classic look that would make your headings look gorgeous.

8. Lato

Type – Sans Serif

Styles – 10

View Font


Lato is another Google Font used by over 12M websites. This famous font is perfect for websites and can be used for both headings and body text.

The sans serif typeface is designed by Łukasz Dziedzic and has 10 styles.

9. Rubik

Type – Sans Serif

Styles – 10

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Rubik has started to gain popularity among designers who want to use some new Google Fonts. And, this font with slightly rounded corners is a perfect choice as all its 10 styles look great.

10. Source Sans Pro

Type – Sans Serif

Styles – 12

View Font

Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro is a font designed by Paul D. Hunt and is Adobe’s first open source font. The font family comes with 12 styles.

11. PT Sans

Type – Sans Serif

Style – 4

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PT Sans

Designed by Paratype, PT Sans comes with 4 styles and is a very popular font. It is used by over 4M websites.

12. Karla

Type – Sans Serif

Styles – 4

View Font


Karla is a sans serif typeface that comes with 4 styles. The font pairs well with other sans serif typefaces.

The font is a great choice for websites and user interfaces.

13. Frank Ruhl Libre

Type – Sans Serif

Styles – 5

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Frank Ruhl Libre

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of this font. Frank Ruhl Libre is a serif font designed by Yanek Iontef. The font comes with 5 styles.

14. Archivo

Type – Sans Serif

Styles – 8

View Font


I really love this font because of its aesthetic characteristics. The font comes with 8 styles and is perfect for digital media.

15. Spectral

Type – Serif

Styles – 6

View Font


Spectral is a font made for long-form reading and rich texts. It has a beautiful design and has 6 styles.

16. Work Sans

Type – Sans Serif

Styles – 9

View Font

Work Sans

Work Sans is one of my favorite Google Fonts. It’s optimized for on-screen text sizes and rich texts such (14px-48px).

The font is a sans serif typeface and comes with 9 styles.

17. Fira Sans

Type – Sans Serif

Styles – 18

View Font

Google Font - Fira Sans

Fira Sans is designed by Carrois Apostrophe and comes with 18 styles and 3 widths. The font pairs well with other popular sans serif fonts such as Roboto and Open Sans.

18. Nunito

Type – Sans Serif

Styles – 14

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Google Font - Nunito

I love using Nunito a lot! Its rounded design brings out the unique characteristics of the font. The font comes with 14 styles.

It also comes with a non-rounded version.

19. Oxygen

Type – Sans Serif

Styles – 3

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Google Font - Oxygen

Vernon Adams designed the Oxygen typeface. It comes with 3 styles and optimized for desktops and other devices.

20. IBM Plex Sans

Type – Sans Serif

Styles – 14

View Font

Google Font - IBM Plex Sans

The last font in our list is IBM Plex Sans. This sans serif typeface comes with 14 styles and has a Grotesque style.

The font is perfect for web and mobile interfaces.

How To Use Google Fonts On Your Website

So you liked one of the Google Fonts and want to use it on your website?

It’s quite simple to use a google font on your website. Here’s how:

Go to the Google Fonts website and select the font(s) you want to use.

Click on the (+) icon to select the font. The font will be added to the selection drawer.

Choose Google Font

From the selection drawer, you can copy the HTML and CSS codes of the fonts and paste it to your website.

Copy Embed Code Google Fonts

You can also customize the fonts by choosing what weights you want to choose.

Customize Google Font

That’s it. Now, you can use Google Fonts on your website!

What’s Your Favorite Google Font?

So, we’ve looked at 20 great Google Fonts that you can use on your websites and other design projects.

Now, I have a question for you:

What’s your favorite Google Font?

Let me know in the comments below.


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