How I Got 200 Subscribers In 48 Hours Without Spending A Dollar On Ads


I got 200 subscribers to my email list in just 48 hours.

The craziest part is that I didn’t spend a nickel on ads.



Read this!

Are you tired of the conventional ways of growing an email list?

Show pop-ups, add email forms on the sidebar, use a welcome mat, ugh…

I’m not saying that these methods don’t work. Sure they do, that’s why people talk about it.

But these don’t work well for small or new blogs with little to no traffic.

I don’t have 5000 people visiting my blog daily that I can convert easily with these methods.

That’s why I looked up many different methods to grow an email list and found one…

Launching a free eBook!

Here’s How It Worked…

Step #1: Create an insanely valuable eBook people would want to read.

Step #2: Design a simple landing page.

Step #3: Promote it on social media as if you are launching a $999 course.

Step #4: Sit back and watch people opt-in while your eBook is sent automatically.

Let me break it down for you…

Step #1: Create an insanely valuable eBook people would want to read.

Before you start creating an eBook, let me tell you something:

If you create a generic eBook with content that can already be found on the internet, you’re not going to get these kinds of results.

Look for ideas people will go crazy over.

My eBook was about list building strategies.

Two reasons why I decided to go with this topic:

  1. I was already reading about different ideas to grow an email list and 90% of the articles mentioned the same old methods.
  2. I already had a blog post on the topic so I decided that this eBook will take things to the advanced level. It also meant that my audience has read about this topic on my blog and would like something that covers it in more detail. 

And boy, I was right!

After I finished writing the eBook, it turned out to be 52 pages long with over 5000 words.

Numbers aside, the methods mentioned in the eBook were very clever growth-hacks that can help grow your email list fast.

Moving on to the next step.

Step #2: Design a simple landing page.

So, my eBook was good. Actually, it was awesome!

The next thing I did was designing a landing page.

I used Thrive Content Builder (now known as Thrive Architect) to design my landing page.

It’s very simple to use and I managed to design a high-converting landing page

When creating a landing page, it is important that people don’t leave the page without converting.

Here’s how you can make sure people will not leave your landing page. 

  • Remove any distractive elements like navigation menu and blog post links. The purpose of your landing page is to make sure the visitor performs the action you want them to perform on that page. In this case, it is to sign up and download the eBook. So, having a navigation menu that will stir the visitor away from that page makes no sense.
  • Using testimonials. Before launching my eBook, try to get testimonials from other bloggers. I got two testimonials by giving my eBook to two bloggers and asking them to give an honest feedback. The feedback came out to be positive.
  • Your opt-in form should only ask for visitor’s name and email. Nothing too fancy.

Step #3: Promote it on social media as if you are launching a $999 course

Now, here’s something important:

Start promoting your eBook before you even launch it.

That’s what I did.

I posted multiple times about my eBook.

In the first update, I just teased about the eBook.

eBook Tease On Facebook

The other one was an image with the testimonial I got.

Facebook Ebook Testimonial Share

Here’s why I did this:

  1. The first update helped increase awareness of the eBook and created some hype within my audience. 
  2. The second update worked as a social proof to back up my claim of the eBook being helpful and providing valuable content.

This helped me prepare for the launch.

Doing this will help you let your audience know about your upcoming eBook and be interested in it.

Step #4: Sit back and watch people opt-in while your eBook is sent automatically

As the D-Day approached, I set up an autoresponder that sent the eBook automatically to their inbox.

I did it by using MailerLite. It’s perfect if you have a small email list. The reason why I love MailerLite is that they provide automation for free.

Though it’s free for 1000 subscribers it’s still WAY better than anyone else.

Here’s how I set up automation on MailerLite

First, you need to create a subscriber group.

MailerLite Subscriber Groups

You can name it anything you want.

Once you do that, head over to automation and create a new workflow.

Set a trigger for your workflow. Your workflow should trigger when someone joins a subscriber group. And then select the subscriber group you just created.

MailerLite Set Up Workflow Trigger

Now, add an action to your workflow. The first action you should add is email.

MailerLite Email Action Automation

Edit the name and subject of the email. To edit the email content, click on design email.

MailerLite Email Workflow

You can use different email templates MailerLite provides but I stuck to the basic one.

Here comes an important part…

Your email copy.

You can’t just write “here’s your eBook” and finish your email. You should keep your email friendly, warm, and engaging.

Here’s my email that I sent to people who opted in to download my eBook: 

Email List Building Ebook

It’s simple and also talks about the eBook to keep them interested. Because many times, people forget to read the eBook. They just opt-in and forget about it.

After all this, I launched it on Facebook with just one status update.

eBook Launch Facebook Share

That was it. I got around 125 subscribers within 24 hours and other 75 the next day making it about 200 subscribers.

200 subscribers!

In 48 hours!

I didn’t even spend a dime on Facebook ads.

The most surprising thing was how pumped my audience was to read the eBook. And the conversion rate is here to prove it.

Here are the traffic stats of those two days…

List Building Ebook Traffic Stats

From 368 pageviews, I got 200 subscribers!

That’s 51.6% conversion rate!

Not bad at all!

The email open rate was also above 70%. That’s damn high! The normal email open rates are just 20-30%.

To Wrap Things Up…

When you know how to launch an eBook properly, you can grow your email list just like I did. Instead of trying to reach your first 1000 subscribers, go for 10, 100 or 500.

And when you’re launching an eBook on social media, it boils down to three steps…

Step 1: Create an irresistible eBook

Step 2: Promote it on social media

Step 3: Launch it with a bang!

Now you can either go ahead and use the same old methods of growing an email list that doesn’t bring any significant results


you can create your own eBook and launch it to grow your email list fast.

I know it’s a lot but…

If you’re reading this, you really need to grow your email list and launching a free eBook is the best way to do that. And I just showed you how to do it. 


9 thoughts on “How I Got 200 Subscribers In 48 Hours Without Spending A Dollar On Ads”

  1. Awesome guide loved it reading. However, creating an eBook is really headache as it is time taking. And also it doesn’t apply to niches especially on which I am working on. By the way, your method was awesome will surely try it. 🙂
    Keep writing bro.

  2. Creating opt-in material definitely works and I can vouch for this method.

    Apart from ebook, creating social media templates, workbooks, and checklist also work well.

    Thanks for sharing it.

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