How To Grow Your Email List Using Quizzes

Lead generation is the backbone of running an online business. The more leads you have, the more customers you get.

In a report by Content Marketing Institute, 85% of B2B marketers say lead generation is their most important content marketing goal.

But many businesses aren’t able to generate leads effectively. There are many ways out there to generate leads but the one that works like charm is quizzes.

Yes, quizzes.

People love quizzes and it’s one of the most effective ways of generating leads and growing your business.

You may have already seen many quizzes pop on your social media feeds. It is because they still work.

Now, you know that quizzes are going to help you but you will still fail miserably if you don’t do it right.

You can’t just create a quiz and expect your email list to magically grow. You need to create quizzes that keep your audience engaged so that they convert.

That’s what I’m going to show you in this article. I’ll teach you how to create a quiz and how to use it to grow your email list.

How To Use Quizzes To Grow Your Email List

Before you start creating a quiz, you need a tool that provides all the features required.

And I am pretty sure that Interact is the best tool for this job.

The reason why I like Interact is that it has some features that will make your job easy. And most importantly, it’s free too.

So let’s start making a quiz!

Sign up on Interact. You can choose any plan you like. The free plan allows you to create unlimited quizzes but you cannot collect emails with it.

Interact Pricing

That’s why I recommend the Growth plan where you can collect more than 100,000 emails year and also integrate third-party tools.

What’s even better is that you can save 40% if you pay for the growth plan annually.

Once you’re done creating your account on Interact, you’ll see a dashboard like this:

Interact Dashboard

Here, you can see the quizzes you’ve created. From the sidebar on the left, you can also select giveaways and polls. Yes, you can also create giveaways and polls in Interact. Isn’t that awesome?

To create a quiz, click on the create new quiz button. You can create a quiz from scratch or choose a pre-made quiz and edit it.

There are tons of pre-made quizzes and you can filter them by category to find your desired quiz. You can also sort the pre-made quizzes in alphabetical order or by conversion rate.

Interact Create Quiz

But let us create a quiz from scratch. When you create a quiz from scratch, you have to select the type of quiz you want to create.

Interact Quiz Type

There are three types of quizzes you can create with Interact.

  1. Assessment Quiz – Assessment quizzes have only one correct answer and are good to test the knowledge of a person.
  2. Personality Quiz – These types of quizzes are very famous on social media and can go viral too. These quizzes give you a personality based on the answers you gave.
  3. Score Based Quiz – You can give a score to each answer of your question in these types of the quiz. Based on the answers given, the user gets a score.

I will be creating an assessment type quiz to show you how to use it to grow your email list.

Interact Quiz Creation Page

This is the quiz creation page. On the top right, there is an option to enable lead capture. This allows you to get user’s email address before you show them the result of their quiz. But the user can skip this step and directly view the results too.

Enable it and select the fields you want to display during collecting emails.

Interact Lead Capture

Then, select your email marketing program from the list. If your email marketing tool is not in the list, simply select the .csv file download. This will collect your emails in a CSV file which you can later import directly in your tool.

Just below the lead capture menu is the conversion tracking menu. You can track your events using Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.

Interact Conversion Tracking

Below it is the branding option. You can upload your own logo that will be displayed in the quiz. The picture should be 250px by 150px.

Next is the social share settings which allow you to show sharing buttons on your quiz results. You can select the platforms of the share buttons and also change the location of the buttons.

Interact Social Share Settings

Interact also allows you to set a custom text when someone shares their quiz results.

Interact Social Share Settings 2

Once you finish changing these settings, it’s time to create your quiz. There are two tabs named ‘Content’ and ‘Style’.

Click on the content tab to create your quiz. Here you can give a title to your quiz, edit the cover image and also include a description.

Interact Quiz Content Tab

I’m creating a quiz titled ‘How Much Do You Know About The Internet’ as an example. You can find images for your quiz from Pexels, my go to resource for stock images.

Add an interesting description so that the user starts the quiz.

After creating the cover of your quiz, you need to start creating questions. You can add as many answers to your questions as you want. You can also show or hide the quiz image.

Interact Quiz Question

Don’t forget to select the right answer for the questions you create.

Interact Select Correct Answer

A great feature of Interact is that you can also create questions that have images as an answer type.

Interact Quiz Image Type Question

Upload the images as answers for your question and select the correct answer. This will help you keep the user engaged and excited to continue the quiz.

This way you can create as many questions for your quiz as you want. But don’t add too many questions because users might get bored and leave the quiz. Also, don’t add only a few questions. A quiz with 7-10 questions is perfect to keep the user engaged.

Interact Quiz Questions

After creating the questions for your quiz, you need to show the results. Interact provides a nifty feature that can boost your lead generation.

They allow you to redirect to a specific page to view the result. What this means is that you can redirect the user to the desired landing page based on their result.

Interact Result Redirect

To get the maximum out of this feature, you can create multiple landing pages for different results and convert them.

For example – A user who answered all the questions correctly could be redirected to a landing page which says “Congrats! You’ve scored 10/10. If you enjoyed this quiz, leave your email address and we’ll send you an informative email once a week.”

Similarly, a user who got a bad score can be redirected to a page that says “You score 4/10. Want to feed your brain? Enter your email address and we’ll send an email weekly with some interesting facts.”

If you don’t want to redirect your users, you can simply create a result page. You can select the header text, description, and image for the result. You can edit your results page even more by changing these settings.

Interact Result Settings

You can also create multiple result pages depending on the score.

Once you’re done creating the content for your quiz, switch to the styles tab to edit the design and look of your quiz.

Here, you can edit the background color, font color, button color, font and the logo displayed in your quiz. This customization allows you to make your quiz design match your website’s design.

Interact Style Tab

After creating your quiz, publish it and click on save and exit. You’ll be back to the dashboard page where you can see the quiz you just created.

Interact Dashboard

You can preview your quiz and also add tags. There is also an option to share and embed the quiz.

You can either embed it on your website, share it directly, share on social media or install the WordPress plugin to add it your website without the embed code.

In the embed code option, you can either select the code to be Javascript or IFrame. You can also make it responsive and change other settings.

Interact Quiz Embed

After publishing and sharing your quiz. You need to promote it. To generate a good amount of leads, the best option is to run a Facebook ad.

If your quiz is interesting enough, it can gain massive traction and help you generate a ton of leads.

But at the same time, your Facebook ad should also be interesting and attention-grabbing. The title of your quiz can make or break your quiz.

Quiz Facebook Ads

Now, if you’re promoting your quiz you also need to track its performance. Interact does a great job at this.

You can view the analytics of your quiz where you can see the social stats and conversion rates. Here, you can also download the leads generated from the quiz.

Interact Quiz Analytics

So that’s how you can use quizzes to generate leads. Just like this, you can also create giveaways and polls to generate your email list.

And if you think quizzes don’t work, think again. Because quizzes can help you grow your email list by 500%.

Create a simple quiz and see how it works. It’s not necessary to use Facebook ads to promote your quiz but it can give an additional boost.


So that’s all about creating quizzes to build an email list. There are a ton of quiz ideas you can use. But if you’re struggling with it, read this article.

Also, don’t forget to leave a comment below to let me know about your thoughts on quizzes. Have you ever used quizzes to grow your email list? If yes, how was your experience? And if you have not tried it yet, will you try it now?


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