10 Internet Marketing Experts And The Keywords That Bring Them Huge Traffic



They are everywhere and in every industry.

We all follow experts to learn from them and stay up-to-date with the latest industry news.

You follow them everywhere and read their blogs.

But have you ever thought for a second about this:

Why are they called experts?

How did they become an expert in my industry?

Probably not.


Because you just want to learn from them. All you care about is what they share and teach us.

And there are many experts we look up to in the internet marketing industry.

But have you ever wondered…

How these experts get traffic to their website?

Yes, they have a big social media following and can get thousands of visitors just by sharing on social media.

But what about organic search traffic?

What keywords are they targeting?

To answer these questions, I did a simple research. I picked 10 internet marketing experts who get a lot of traffic on their website and found what keywords they are targeting.

You might be wondering:

What’s the use of it?

While doing this research I found some great content marketing strategies that these experts are using. You can implement these strategies on your website.

In this list you will discover some keywords that can get you huge traffic from Google.


Tools I Used For My Research

The one and only tool that can cater to my every need are ahrefs. It’s the best tool I’ve ever come across and it helps me find keywords to rank for, explore top performing content of my competitors and much more.

I can go on and on about this tool because it’s just awesome.

Let’s see what these experts rank for.

But first,

let me show you a meme. 😉

Experts Everywhere

1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the most successful internet marketers. He writes very helpful and actionable content. I am obsessed with his extremely detailed content.

For my research, I picked Neil’s personal blog neilpatel.com.

He started this blog in September 2014 and now it generates huge traffic. Within such a short period he built a blog that generates over 100k monthly visitors.

This is the main reason I picked him to analyze what he is doing to generate this huge traffic.

So without wasting your time, let me show you some insights on his blog.

First, I opened up ahrefs site explorer and entered his blog URL.

Note: I will be following the same procedure with other experts.

Let us see what comes up.


Well, these are pretty awesome stats. As you can see, there are 73K organic keywords for his website. And he generates 23K organic traffic.

The domain rating (DR) and URL rating (UR) is not bad too.

So now let us discover the organic keywords Neil is targeting.


Okay if you are an internet marketer, you probably know that Neil himself is a big brand. And these organic keywords tell us the same.

His name has so many searches and this alone brings him a lot of traffic.

So after scrolling down I bit, I found some keywords he is targeting.


As you can see here, Neil has targeted some basic keywords. His content marketing strategy is simple:

Creating step-by-step guides.

If you read his blog Quicksprout, you will notice the same strategy. In fact, Neil is famous for creating some big fat guides.

This works great for him. After discovering some more keywords, I found the same strategy. So if you want to compete against Neil for these keywords, you better raise the white flag now.


Because Neil Patel himself is an authority and has been in this industry for years. It’s nothing big for him to create guides on some basic topics because he knows everything about internet marketing.

But what if you also have the same knowledge as Neil and can provide some unique information in your guides?

That’s great but here’s another fact:

I am repeating this again that Neil is an authority. He can easily create guides and promote them without any hassle.

On the other hand, if you start a blog with this content strategy, you will face many problems because:

You are not an expert.

Face it. No matter how much you know about SEO, link building, and online marketing. Still, you are not an expert. People still don’t know who you are. They will not read your guides because they don’t trust you.

But Neil isn’t just writing guides. He publishes many articles on his blog and not all of them are guides.

To find more keywords he is targeting, I narrowed down my search to some long-tail keywords.

Because you can easily target long-tail keywords and generate traffic. Here are some long-tail keywords that Neil is targeting for his blog:


As you can see from the above image, these are some really great long-tail keywords you can target. The search volume is decent and if you target them, you can get good traffic to your website.

So to sum up, Neil is using guides to generate traffic to his blog. But apart from that, he is also leveraging long-tail keywords to bring traffic to his website.

All you can learn from this is that long-tail keywords are like golden nuggets. You must grab them before anyone else does.

One more thing that I recently noticed with Neil’s blog is that he is pumping out more and more content. I have followed his personal blog from its roots and have noticed the changes he made from time to time.

Neil is publishing more and more content lately. When he started his personal blog, he was publishing articles weekly.

But now he is publishing content daily on his blog. This shows that creating more and more content is helping him.


Because creating more content will help him get ranked for more keywords on Google which will eventually bring him more traffic.

But will publishing content daily help you?

You can read Kevin’s article here where he shared his case study of publishing content daily.

So think before you implement any of Neil’s strategies.

Just remember this:

What works for him may not work for you!

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2. Brian Dean

You can call him the link building guru. With his blog Backlinko, he shares content that will surely help you increase your website traffic.

He has shared some great case studies on his blog. Some of them are:

We Analyzed 1 Million Google Search Results. Here’s What We Learned About SEO

SEO Campaign Case Study: 1,117 Social Shares and 15% More Organic Traffic (In 2 Weeks)

SEO Strategy Case Study: 963% More Organic Traffic

So without even guessing, you can say that he uses case studies to drive traffic to his blog. But the real question is:

Do these case studies help him get traffic from the search engines?

Let’s find out.


Brian’s organic traffic is very high and he has many organic keywords too.

Now let us explore what these keywords are:


Just like Neil Patel, Brian also targeted some broad keywords with high competition and high search volume. But he is ranking on top of these keywords.

You might be wondering how.

It’s just because his content is REALLY awesome. As you can see from the above image, Brian is ranking #2 for the keyword “backlinks”.

When you check out the page that is ranking, you will notice it’s just a list post.


But it’s not just a normal list post. It’s an expanded list post where he explained everything in detail about the different backlink sources.

This shows that even if you don’t have that kind of authority when you’re new, you can still rule the first page of Google for some competitive keywords.

All you need is great content. Am I right?


Even if you have great content on your blog, there is no guarantee that you will jump to the first page of Google. With great content, you also need great promotion.

This is what Brian did. If you read Backlinko, you will notice that Brian always asks people to focus on one thing:


Without content promotion, your content is nothing. And it is because of this promotion that Brian has got links from top authority sites like The Huffington Post, Medium and Hubspot.


He promotes his content a lot which helps him get more shares and traffic.

So does that mean Brian is not targeting any long-tail keywords?


Take a look at this:


He is also targeting some long-tail keywords and these keywords are bringing him decent traffic.

Apart from this content marketing strategy, Brian is also famous for introducing new techniques.

He gives a name to his methods and techniques which help him drive more traffic.

I am sure you are familiar with his famous Skyscraper Technique. If you want to read about it, you can go here.

What I learned from examining Brian’s organic keywords was that you can rank for even the most competitive keywords on Google.

But for that, your content needs to be really helpful and awesome. And apart from that, you need to promote your content like hell.

So if you can create KILLER content and promote it effectively, you can also see the same (or better) results as Brian.

3. Pat Flynn

Pat calls himself the crash test dummy of online business. He shares what works for him and what doesn’t.

I like to call him the podcast king because his podcasts are worth listening and he shares information you don’t usually find someplace else.

He makes a lot of money from his website SmartPassiveIncome. You will be shocked to see his income reports.

So if he makes this much money, it’s obvious that he is generating tons of visitors to his website.

And this is why I wanted to see what keywords bring him traffic from Google.


126K organic keywords! That’s huge.

Let us see what these keywords are.
SmartPassiveIncome-Organic-KeywordsSmart Passive Income is a big brand now and this is the reason it has many searches. And Pat Flynn’s name also has many searches which drives traffic.


But you will also notice that he is bringing a lot of traffic from his podcasts.

He interviews people on his podcasts and ranks for the name of the person he interviewed. Look at the above image. Pat is ranked #13 for the keyword “Chalene Johnson”. If you look at the page, it’s a podcast Pat did with Chalene where she shared her inspiring story.

I looked up for more keywords and found many other such keywords where Pat is getting traffic from his podcasts.

But now let us see what long-tail keywords bring him traffic:


These are the long-tail keywords Pat is ranking for. Most of them are his podcasts.

Podcasting is becoming more and more popular and it can take over in a few years. If you want to stand out and grow your audience fast, podcasting is the best way to do it.

If you want to get started with podcasting, start by interviewing some experts in your industry.

You can learn more about podcasting from Pat’s website.

4. Derek Halpern

Derek Halpern is the man behind Social Triggers. If you are just starting to learn internet marketing, you must follow his blog.

Let us see some stats on his website.


Look at those organic keywords! 99K organic keywords!

What are these keywords?

Let’s find out:


Here you can see the top keywords Derek is ranking on. Most of them are long-tail keywords.

And it gets better:

Most of these keywords point to the same page.

His article on Twitter tips is generating huge traffic.

From the above image, you can see that this page is ranking for the following keywords:

  • how to get twitter followers
  • twitter followers
  • how to get more followers on twitter
  • how to get followers on twitter

And all these keywords have very good search volume. So proper keyword optimization can yield some awesome results.

You don’t even need to generate tons of content. If you do proper keyword research and create useful content, you can also get the same results.

But I was also surprised to see Derek’s page on Twitter tips rank for different keywords.

So I went a little further and checked the backlinks pointing to that page.


And as you can see, that page has 177 referring domains. And these links are from websites that have very high domain rating.

As I said before, even if you have great content doesn’t mean you will magically rank to the top.

You need to promote your content and earn some links.

Here are some more keywords Social Triggers is ranking on. These keywords have low competition and you can target these keywords.


These low competition keywords are also bringing him good traffic.

If your blog has some authority, you can target these keywords. These keywords are low-hanging fruit for you.

What I learned from examining Derek’s website is that keyword research is very important.

You can’t just get an idea and start writing. Make sure you do proper keyword research and find keyword opportunities.

Then only you will be able to generate organic traffic to your website.

5. Bryan Harris

Do you know Bryan Harris?

Yes, the guy from Videofruit.

He is famous for reverse engineering strategies that will help you grow your business. If you go to Videofruit’s homepage, you will find some strategies.

I picked his blog because I love the proven tactics and strategies he shares on his blog. And I was curious to find out the keywords he is ranking for.


Although his organic traffic was not as high as the previous websites we examined. Still, 8.9K organic keywords on Google are a big thing and I went further.


So there are so many searches on Bryan’s name. This is getting him a lot of traffic.

Let us find some long-tail keywords.


These are some long-tail keywords. These keywords are not bringing him very high traffic but still, it’s not bad.

And if you look at the keyword difficulty, most of these keywords are not very competitive.

Here is something you can learn:

You should start targeting keywords that are not very competitive. Even if they don’t have good search volume, you must go for it.


Because when you will start ranking for these keywords, you will start getting traffic from Google.

And slowly as you will build some authority, you can move up your game and start targeting some competitive keywords.

This way you can slowly and steadily grow your organic traffic.

Instead of targeting some highly competitive keywords, start with keywords that have low competition.

6. Darren Rowse

I am sure you know Darren Rowse.

His blog ProBlogger is one of the best blogs for beginners who want to start a new blog.

I have been reading his blog the day I discovered about Blogging.

He has written on every topic of Blogging and I wanted to see how his blog is performing.


And these stats tell us that his blog is performing well.

His organic traffic is very high.

Take a look here:


Look at the keyword difficulty of those keywords!

His website is ranking on some really competitive keywords that have huge search volume.

You can imagine the traffic he gets for these keywords.

Are you thinking of ranking for these keywords?

Let me tell you something:

You don’t stand a chance!

Remember what I said above?

Focus on keywords that have low competition and work your way up to highly competitive keywords.

So to find some great keywords, let us check ProBlogger’s long-tail keywords.



Here are some long-tail keywords that bring good traffic to ProBlogger.

Still, these keywords have high competition.

You might be wondering:

How did Darren rank for such high competition keywords?

The answer is simple:

He started his website a long time ago. If you look at ProBlogger’s about page, you will find that Darren started this website in 2004.

So after working for years, he is ranking for these keywords.

And even if he was ranking for these keywords years ago, there was no competition at that time.

But now the competition has shot up. You can’t just easily rank for some highly competitive keywords.

Yes, I told above that you can rank for such keywords but you need to promote real hard. Let me tell you something else:

Even after KILLER promotion, there is no guarantee that you will rank on top.

So, the best way for you to get organic traffic is by focusing on low competition keywords.

7. Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward is an award-winning internet marketer. If you want to learn affiliate marketing, then he is the guy you are looking for.

He makes a lot of money on his blog. You can check his income reports.


His website traffic is very high and he is ranking on some of the most competitive keywords.

Check this out:


If you look at these organic keywords, you will discover Matthew’s content marketing strategy.

If you don’t know what it is, let me tell you:

The first strategy that is helping him to get ranked on Google and get traffic is by writing guides.

From the above keywords, you will find that he is ranking #3 for the keyword “gsa search engine ranker”.

If you look at that page, it is a complete guide to GSA Search Engine Ranker.

And it’s a very detailed and thorough guide that will help you use GSA.

But there is one more content strategy that got my attention.

Look at the above image once again.

You will notice that he is ranking #7 for the keyword “ahrefs“. He is also ranking #7 for the keyword “majestic SEO“.

Surprisingly, it’s the same page that is ranking for both keywords.

He has written a review of the best backlink checker tools. He tested out 5 tools and showed which works the best.

This way he targeted all the five tools and is ranking on the first page for those tools.

And that’s not it.

He is also ranking #7 for the “blackhatworld”.

Again if you look at the page, you will find that it’s another comparison article where he did an experiment and showed the best forum.

This strategy is really impressive and you can also implement it on your website. You just need to do an experiment and show your results.

It takes time but it can help you rank for some keywords that could bring thousands of visitors to your website.

Now let us look at some long-tail keywords of his website.


These are some long-tail keywords with decent keyword difficulty.

Again these are some keywords that have good search volume. Matthew is getting good traffic from these keywords. If you look at the pages that are ranked, you will notice that his content is really helpful and detailed.

If you think about it, I’ve shown you more than 50 keywords that you can easily rank for and get huge traffic to your website. 😉

You can get the list of 25 keywords that will surely help you generate traffic from Google.

[fancy_box][content_upgrade]Download[/content_upgrade] the list of keywords you can target now to get search engine traffic. [/fancy_box]

8. Ana Hoffman

Ana Hoffman has built an amazing website named Traffic Generation Cafe.


Her blog generates approximately 2K organic traffic.


She is driving huge traffic from the keyword “slideshare”.

There are many other keywords that generate traffic to her website.

Let us find out some long-tail keywords she is ranking for.


These are some long-tail keywords with a very low competition.

If you look at these keywords, you will find out that these keywords are easy to rank for and you can create helpful content.

The biggest takeaway after analyzing Ana’s blog is that you should create content on the topic you know very well.

Ana is getting a lot of traffic for the keyword “SlideShare”.

I have already read her article on SlideShare and it was one of the best articles on that topic.

Not only this, she didn’t just write about SlideShare because it will help her rank on Google.

She wrote about it because she has used SlideShare to generate traffic to her website many times. This means that she is an expert on the topic and that is why she wrote about.

But what if you’re not an expert?

Still, you can do your own research and experiment with the topic. You can share what you learned and share some tips.

This is one of the best ways to write on something you don’t know about very well.

9. John Chow

John Chow makes money by telling people how he makes money.

Pretty cool, right?

But it’s true. He makes a ton of money. He makes more money than the traffic you generate to your website.

And if you still don’t believe me, check this out.

He once made $80,000 in a day!

So how does he make a lot of money?

Well, he is the MOBE king.

You can learn more about it from John’s blog.

Our concern here is the traffic he generates from Google.


And the stats from ahrefs also say that he gets a lot of traffic.

Here are the organic keywords that get him this much traffic:


These organic keywords bring a lot of traffic.


And these are the long-tail keywords.

After looking at all these keywords, I learned that he doesn’t always write about making money online.

Sometimes he shares his personal stories and lessons. And there are some weird keywords he is ranking for like:

  • proof that girls are evil
  • Mercedes Benz oil change cost

These are his personal stories or something else.

But the best part is that somehow he manages to get ranked for keywords that are not related to making money online.

And this happens when you have a big authority.

John has been in the online marketing industry for years. And just like Darren Rowse, he built his blog from the old days and now is a big brand.

10. Stuart Walker

Stuart Walker is the guy from Niche Hacks and once you open his blog, I am sure you will keep reading his articles all day.

When I discovered Niche Hacks, I ended up reading his articles for more than 3 hours. Stuart teaches affiliate marketing with his blog.

He has some really cool case studies on his blog.

This made me include him on the list and check his stats.


And these stats are pretty cool.

Now let us take a look at the organic keywords.


If you look at these keywords, Stuart has many keywords that include the word “niche” in it. You can see many different pages ranking for such keywords.

Moreover, the keyword “thisiswhyimbroke” brings him huge traffic. It is a case study of an Amazon affiliate site.

I already told you that his case studies are awesome.


Now if you look at these long-tail keywords, you will notice that all these keywords are related to affiliate marketing.

One thing that Stuart has focused on is that he sticks to his niche.

What I mean by this is that this blog is about affiliate marketing. So he has focused on creating content related to affiliate marketing only.

Many new website owners drift away from their main topic and start writing on topics that are not related to their industry.

And this is why they are unable to rank on Google.

So if you also do the same thing, stop doing this right NOW.

Focus only on what your website is about. Sometimes it may happen that you discovered a keyword that you can easily rank for.

But it’s not in your niche. Still, you write about it because you desperately need traffic from Google.

This is why most blogs fail.

Target keywords in your own niche and see what your competitors are ranking for. You can target those keywords.

Don’t just dive into keywords that are not in your niche. Just remember that:

Relevancy is an important Google ranking factor.


So that’s it.

I showed you some pretty cool stats and keywords of some top internet marketing experts. You now have around 100 keywords that you can target.

Finally, here’s your chance to download my list of keywords you can target.

[fancy_box][content_upgrade]Download[/content_upgrade] the list of keywords you can target now to get search engine traffic. [/fancy_box]

Based on your website authority, you can target keywords that can bring you traffic. And it’s not just these 10 websites. You can use ahrefs to find many keywords that you can rank for.

This video from Tim Soulo will help you.

At last, I have two questions for you. I need you to answer these questions.

  1. What did you learn after discovering the strategies of these top internet marketers?
  2. What will you implement on your website?

Just two questions, real quick. Answer now!

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  1. Hi Ahfaz,

    Very well researched sites. Brian is completely different from others. Glad to see you have mentioned some of the best keywords they are targeting.

  2. thanks dude for these tips as i see seo is a very deep world which require patience and times to get better step by step content and keywords are always a bad nightmare for newbies like me lol anyway so cool to read all this

  3. A very detailed post with statistics and screenshots. enjoyed the way you explain things. following your website from yesterday and learned a lot new things.
    and yah i am big fan of Brain deans and Neil patel. they are just awesome in there fields

  4. Good Article. But I have 1 thing that don’t agree to you about Brian Dean.
    He didn’t target long tail KWs, he focus on medium keywords and put LSI keywords inside his post. That thing make his posts to rank for long tail keywords as well.

  5. Great stuff Ahfaz. Very detailed piece with those screenshots. Mehn! you must have put in a good number of hours, putting this down.
    Like you mentioned, relevancy is very important here. Also i would add, it’s very necessary content marketers recognize the difference between Keyword targeting and keyword stuffing. I once wrote a post that had a particular keyword repeated over 10 times. It almost got me penalized.

    Once again thanks for sharing this Ahfaz. Your blog as well got loads of quality content in there.

  6. Hey Ahfaz,

    What a fantastic post!

    Like John Chow, I used to promote MOBE as well but I figured out that Network Marketing is not really my game. I prefer writing 🙂

    Matthew Woodward sure knows what he’s doing. His rankings on these 2 keywords are insane.

    My own problem was that I had no focus with my own site. I wrote about many topics. Now I just stick to writing. It’s much easier to gain and keep traffic that way!

    Thanks for sharing, Ahfaz. Have a great week.

    – Jasper

  7. Hi Ahfaz

    Monster post here!

    All of the bloggers are worthy of being featured in this post.

    In particular, I like:

    – John Chow
    – Ana Hoffman
    – Matthew Woodward
    – Derek Halpern

    To me, a blog is simply a means to an end, not an end in itself. It’s simply another way to get our message out

    Thanks again


  8. You research a very well topic and now i analyze my mistake why i am not getting success on my blogging career,you gave me a great idea i used to think we shouldnot write a content that big bloggers already write but i was wrong no one comes with a big anyway i am big fan of neil patel tips because when he split he nailed it…
    Thanks for such a good content

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