The 11 Most Underused Link Building Methods


Links are the hottest thing in the SEO industry. To get your website ranked on top of the Google search engine, you definitely need links. If you read any SEO guide, you’ll find people talking about links.

Yes, there are many other ranking factors but links still play a major role in ranking your website.



Components of Google Search's Ranking Algorithm

Now that you know the importance of links, you should also learn how to build links. There are already many link building methods out there. Many experts have shared the best strategies of link building.

But still, there are many untapped link building methods that you might not know. And this is what I am going to show you now.

But before you explore these methods here is a…

Note: I am not going to show any of the methods like “broken link building”, “guest posting”, “HARO” etc. that most experts have already shared many times.

I am going to show you some less obvious ways to build links. At the end of this post, you will realize that you never tried these methods for building links. Some of these tactics are common but no one ever used them for link building purposes.

So why not jump into these link building tactics.

1. Build Links From Images

Have you ever thought about this?

Well, I don’t think so. But you can really build high-quality links from images.

And there are many ways to do that. If you are thinking that I am talking about infographics, then you are completely wrong.

I am talking about these different methods of building links from images:

  1. Reverse Image Search
  2. Offering Premium Images to Bloggers
  3. Convert Data Into Images

Now, I will show you in detail how these three link building methods.

1. Reverse Image Search

Okay this technique might be common but still it is an untapped source of building links.

The reason behind this is:

People are still focusing on building links by creating new content, using outreach to build links. And it’s not bad(Even I do this).

But sometimes when you don’t get results and are exhausted of putting in a lot of effort in your content and doing outreach, you may feel bad.

And this is when you turn to the dark side and build links by spamming and whatever the dark side has(I really have no idea about black-hat stuff).

So instead of giving up, try building links from reverse image search.

Let me show you how to that:

1. Go to Google Image Search and click on the little camera icon.

Google Image Search2. Now enter a URL of one of the images of your website and click search.

Googe Image Search Result

Now as you can see, there are other websites using this image.

3. Contact the webmaster of the website that is using your image and ask them to link back to you.

Now you may think that this doesn’t work. But it actually does because it’s your image and they are using it without giving you any link.

So eventually if you reach out to them, they will give a link back to your site.

Here is a template that might help you:

Hey [Name]

I found out that you are using my image on [article name].

The image link is: [Image Link]

Thank you for using my image as a resource to your  blog readers. But I found that you haven’t given a credit link for the image.

I would love if you give a link back to my website for the image credits.

Thank You

[Your Name]


Most of the time you will get a positive reply from the site owner. This way you can build links from images by reverse image search.

2. Offer Premium Images To Bloggers

Now this is something new. All bloggers use images in their content. But not all bloggers usually use good quality images on their website.

This is a big opportunity for you. Let me tell you why:

You can provide images to these bloggers by uploading them somewhere and they can embed these images on their website.

If you are good in designing, you can really benefit from this technique. And not only images, you can create small animated pictures and provide them to other bloggers.

You can also hire some photographers or you can even buy premium images to create a gallery of amazing images. Then you can offer these images to other bloggers.

Make a list of all blogs who don’t use images in their content or do not have high-quality images in their content. Then all you need to do is to contact them.

This email template may help you:

Hi [Name]

I recently came across your blog and I must say that your content is amazing.

But I found out that you don’t use high quality images on your blog.

As a reader of your blog, I want to help you out with this problem.

I have a gallery of premium images that many bloggers use. It is free to use and you can find the best image and embed it in your content.

If you are interested, you can checkout the gallery here – [Gallery Link]

I hope using these high quality images will help you gain more readers.

Thank You,

[Your Name]


I have never personally tried this technique but I think it’s worth a try. But make sure your gallery contains amazing images otherwise your mail will be deleted by the website owner right away!

3. Convert Data Into Images

I mean who doesn’t love data in their content?

And if the data is in an image format, then who would ignore it(not me!)?

If your designing skills are good then take that into your advantage to build links.

Make a list of blogs that use data in a textual format in their content.

Once you’re done making a list, check each article for the data and stats they have added in their content. Convert these data into images by using a tool(I use Adobe Illustrator).

Then email the people in your list and inform them about the images you have created. Most of them would love to include images instead of just text.

These were the different ways you can use to build links from images. But remember this:

Whenever you send an email to someone for links, you must provide value to them. If you fail to do this, your email will be deleted right away.

2. Guest Round Ups

Round ups are very helpful in building your brand name and getting referral traffic. But have you ever considered doing a round-up post on any other website?

Instead of doing round -ps on your own website, you can do guest round ups.

And this will definitely work. Let me tell you why:

You are offering a round-up of experts on some other website. The website owner will happily let you do that.

Moreover, you will be able to build long-term relationships with the site owner and this will help you a lot.

But here I am talking about building links to your site. If you are smart you may have figured out how to land a link to your site. 😉

Roundup Ahrefs

When you are doing round-up article on someone else’s site, you can also add your own thoughts in the round-up and link to one of your content.

This sounds a little bit shady but if you link to a relevant content and provide value then it’s not.

Let me break down this method into short steps:

  1. Find websites that allow people to contribute content.
  2. Check the previous guest posts of the website.
  3. Find a topic that will be perfect to contribute to the website.
  4. Reach out to influencers and ask them to share their thoughts on the topic.
  5. Now contribute the article to the website and also share your thoughts on the topic.
  6. Link to one of your relevant articles.

But don’t just do this for links. If you ask me, I would rather do this for getting my name out there to a totally different audience which can potentially become my blog audience.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t build links from this method. But make sure that your topic is worth reading and always reach out to real experts only.

This technique is really amazing and you can not only just build links, but also build some authority and bring customers to your website.

3. Write Income Report Articles On Your Website

Sharing your income report to your readers is nothing bad. Big industry experts like Pat Flynn shares his monthly income reports.

SPI Income Reports

Sharing your income report will always help you in three different ways:

  1. People will see your monthly income and will believe that you are an expert. This way you can convert your readers into customers.
  2. Your readers will be inspired to work harder. They will share your income on social media to let people know that “Check this out! This guy makes $$$$ every month!”.
  3. You can earn links from other bloggers.

Now our concern here is to build links. So, let me show you how you can do that.

But first, check out Matthew Woodward’s income reports.

You will see that he not only shares his income report but others also. Before he publishes his income report article, he publishes a round-up of other blogger’s income report.

Why can’t you do that?

Sure, you can!

All you need to do is to ask some bloggers if they are interested in sharing their income report.

You can write a round-up post of other bloggers income reports. The two benefits of doing this are:

  1. They will obviously share your article on social media because you featured their income report on your blog.
  2. They may even link to you because while sharing their income, it is obvious that you will link to your blog. I mean who wouldn’t love to show their readers that their income report was shared by someone else.

Here some tips you need to remember before you try this method:

  1. Don’t just reach out to every blogger randomly. Check whether they have ever shared their income report.
  2. If they did, reach out to them and ask them if they want to share their income report on any other blog.
  3. If you get a positive reply, then add their income report in your income round-up.
  4. Once your post is published, let them know that the roundup is live.
  5. Don’t ask for links. Most of the bloggers will happily link to you but if you ask them for a link then they may not link to you.

The chances of getting links from this method are not very good. But you can build connections with other bloggers which may later lead to something much better.

4. Give Interviews

Do you have any crazy fans?

Luckily, I do have some fans.

But these fans can become helpful in getting you some links.

By crazy, I meant those fans who constantly ask you for help and follow you everywhere.

If these fans have a blog then help them out.


By giving them an interview. This sounds weird.

But it isn’t. The truth is that you are hustling to build your brand and they are too.

If you tell them that you will be happy to give them an interview for their blog, then you won’t be able to measure their happiness.

Tell me if I am wrong:

You also follow some expert marketers. And if you are an authority(not too big and not too small), some people will also follow you. So if they ask you for an interview, would you say no?

Everyone has tough beginnings and they try everything out there, no matter how good or bad it is.

You want to get your name out there and they want to interview you to grow their blog. It’s a win-win situation.

Let us see what Iftekhar Ahmed thinks about this:


So as you can see, how giving interviews helped him to get links and build some authority among different bloggers.

There is nothing wrong in doing this. Just give it a try to see how it helps you.

5. Give Testimonials

This is nothing new. But still, this is an untapped opportunity to build links.

And this not only helps you get links but you can also establish yourself as an expert. Below is an example of an amazing testimonials page.

Neil Patel Testimonial Page

You can give testimonials:

  1. To small tool owners.
  2. To bloggers who provide consulting or other services.
  3. To new companies that are struggling to get more customers.

One thing that you MUST never do is:

Don’t just email them and tell them you are interested in giving a testimonial.

Earning link from testimonials should always include more than one step.

These steps are:

1. Contact the website/tool owner and ask them a question about their tool/service.

Just email them saying that I discovered your tool and I am interested in learning more about it.

2. Tell them that you can help them promote their tool/service by sharing on social media or by reviewing them.

There is nothing bad in tweeting about their tool once a week.

3. At last, tell them that you liked their tool/service and would love to give them a testimonial.

If you have exchanged at least three emails, then you can provide them a testimonial.

This tactic works better than cold outreach emails.

Even if you don’t land a link, you will still be able to get your name out to the customers of that tool/service.

6. Links From “Best of” Blog posts

There are many blogs who weekly or monthly publish the best blog posts in their industry.

If your content is awesome, you can reach out to these people and ask them if they think your content is worth getting on their list.

This is one of the easiest ways to get links but your outreach should be good.

It is easy for people to recognize an outreach template.

I recently landed a link to one of my articles by this method.

Let me show you how I did this:

1. Create amazing content that people would like to link to.

Don’t just start finding blogs who post best articles of the month. Your content needs to be share-worthy before you even search for blogs.

2. Search blogs that share “best of” articles every week or every month.

This is very simple. You can use Google search to do this. These are some ways to find such blogs:

“Weekly roundup” + “your keyword”

“Monthly roundup” + “your keyword”

Weekly Roundup Search

This way I found more than 15 websites that share weekly link roundups. I was just experimenting this technique so I didn’t create a huge list.

3. Filter out sites that do not provide high-quality content.

After doing this I had only 7 websites in my list.

4. Find out the site owner’s email address. If you can’t find it, then find their contact page.

Once you do this, get ready to email the site owner. Remember to personalize your email.

So, I emailed 7 people and got a response from only one person. Now, you may be thinking just one!

Yes, and it’s not that bad. That’s a 14% conversion rate.

And the response I got was also positive:


And in the next roundup, I got a link from the website.

Cool, right? 🙂

This great article by Tim Soulo is worth reading if you are struggling with email outreach.

No matter how good your content is but if you promote it wrong, you will get nothing.

7. Run Contests and Earn Links

Contests are now common and will not help you drive traffic to your website. Even if they do, you won’t be able to convert that traffic.

But still, you can build links from contests.

Everyone loves contests and giveaways and using this to build links is easy.

Usually, all contests ask you to either share or comment on the blog to get more entries. But you can also ask people to write a short blog post or promote the contest on their blog.

This way you can build links to your blog. You may not get high-quality links from this method but still this works.

8. Invite Industry Experts To Webinars

Webinars are great for growing your email list. But it is also a great way to build links.

Nowadays webinars are very famous.

Neil Patel Webinar

You can invite industry experts to webinars. This may be a difficult job for you but if your blog content is of high quality, most of these experts will accept your webinar invitation.

Here is how you can build links from webinars:

  1. Find industry experts who have done webinars before.
  2. Contact them and ask if they are interested in doing a webinar.
  3. If they are ready, start promoting your webinar page.
  4. Find websites that list webinars and submit your webinar page.

If you are successful in inviting an expert to the webinar, then you will not just build links but also some authority in front of other people.

According to Neil Patel, webinars will not help you build links. He is right but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do webinars.


9. Write Reviews Of Tools And Get A Link From Them

This is also a good way to build links. You can find tools that are new and review them on your website.

Once you do that, you just need to email the tool owner and inform him about the review. This method is easy but finding different tools might be difficult for you.


Because you need to review tools that are new. You cannot just write a review about a very famous tool and expect them to link to you.

Here is a breakdown of what you need to do:

  1. Find out tools that are new.
  2. Learn about the tool and write a review about it on your blog.
  3. Reach out to the tool owner and tell him about the review.
  4. If the owner is happy about the review, ask them if they are interested in linking the review on their website.

This way you can build some links to your blog by writing reviews of tools.

Well, I never have tried this method personally, but you must try it. And if you have, share your experience in the comments after you’re done reading the post.

10. CSS Galleries

Is your website design really awesome? If you are using CSS, then you are going to love this.

You can submit your website to CSS galleries. You can earn really high-quality links from these CSS galleries.

These are some of the best CSS galleries.

Don’t just submit your website to these galleries. Make sure you use CSS and even if you use CSS, your website design should be good enough to be accepted on such galleries.

11. Create A “Link to Us” Page

I am sure no expert ever told you to do this:

Well if you are publishing good content and your readers are reading and sharing your content, then there is nothing bad in asking them to link to you.

You can create a “link to us” page and tell your readers to link to you.

But remember this:

Don’t do this if you run a personal blog. There is no specific reason to this but I don’t feel it will be good for your brand.

Moreover, this tactic works great for some niches only.


So these were the 11 totally unique link building methods. You may have read some of these methods somewhere else but I have shared some of these methods that are really unique(I hope so).

If you liked this article, then share this technique with others too. And I have a question that I need you to answer:

Which method do you think you will try first?

I am waiting for your answer in the comments section. 🙂

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    1. Yes I agree that webinars may not help in building links but it’s worth a try. And guest round ups will always help. I think you’re a bit skeptical about it, but do try it once. You will see positive results. 😉

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