Quora Marketing:

The Definitive Guide

So, you want to learn how to market your business? 

You’re going to learn how to: 

Answer questions the RIGHT way. 

Grow your brand on Quora. 

Get traffic from Quora. 

This guide will turn you into a Quora power user!

And, if you want that, let’s get started!

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Chapter 1

How to Optimize Your Quora Profile


Chapter 2

Get Blog Post Ideas From Content


Chapter 3

Write Awesome Answers


Chapter 4

Promote Your Business On Quora


Chapter 5

Convert People Into Customers


Chapter 6

Build Your Brand


Chapter 7

Get Crowd-Sourced Content


Chapter 8

Measure Your ROI

Chapter 1:

How To Optimize Your Quora Profile

Before you begin answering questions on Quora, you need to make sure your profile is crystal clear. 

A compelling profile will help you get more eyeballs.

The question is: 

How do you create a compelling profile? 

Here are 3 simple steps: 


Add Interests

The first step is to add interests about what you know and are interested in. 

Add interests related to your business and products. If you have a website about nutrition, add topics related to that.

Quora Topics

Sure you can add other personal topics, but I don’t think it’s good for your profile. If you want to establish yourself as an expert in what you do, add topics related to that only.

You can create another account for your hobbies and other personal interests.

Profile Description

When you’re done adding topics you know about, you can move further by adding your work, location and education.

Quora Employment And Location

If you have signed up for Quora with your Google or Facebook account, your profile picture will be automatically added.

But if you haven’t, don’t worry. On your profile page, you can add a profile picture and add some description about yourself.

But first take a look my profile:

Ahfaz Ahmed Quora Profile

Here are some tips you need to know before you begin editing your profile:

  1. Add your own image as profile picture. As you want to build followers and fans, it is better to add your own image. But if you have setup an account with your business name, you can add its logo.
  2. Keep your profile bio simple. Tell people who you are and don’t add anything more in it.
  3. In your profile description, add about yourself and tell more about what you do. This is the best place to tell people about your business. ALWAYS add a link to your website in your profile description.
  4. Apart from the link to your website, you can also add links to your social profiles. Look at the image below.
HigherVisibility Quora Profile

If you follow these tips, most people coming to your profile will follow you.

Add Multiple Bios

Do you know that you can add multiple bios on Quora?

While adding the topics, you can add a short bio about that topic.

Quora Multiple Bios

This way whenever you will answer a question about that topic, people will see the bio you have added for that particular topic.

If you haven’t added any bio for the topics, people will see your default profile bio.

By adding multiple bios, you can show people how much you know about the topic.

This is a good way of getting people think of you as an expert and increases the chance of your answers being upvoted.

Connect Social Accounts

Last thing you need to do to optimize your Quora profile is to connect your social media accounts. Go to your settings and there you can connect other social accounts.

Quora Social Profiles

That’s all for your profile. You can try some creative ways to make your profile look more interesting. 

Chapter 2:

Get Blog Post Ideas From Quora

Quora is a gold-mine for find content ideas!

No, seriously. 

You can find blog post ideas from people who actually need help. 

How AWESOME is that? 

Here are the strategies that will help you find great blog post ideas from Quora. 


Search for Questions

Let’s say that you want to write about link building.

Search ‘Link Building’ on Quora and see what comes up. 

Link Building Search Quora

If the keyword you’re search for is very common, then you’ll find a dedicated topic for it. 

For link building, there is a separate topic. Click on the topic page. 

Link Building Topic Quora

This is what a topic page looks like.

On the right hand side, you will find a short description about the topic.

You can also see the number of questions asked on this topic and the number of followers.

There is also a follow button which you can click to follow the topic.

On scrolling down, you can find answers that have been recently asked.

To find the latest questions related to the topic, click on the answer tab.

Here you will find questions that need answers.

Click on any question that seems interesting to you.

Question About Link Building Quora

Once you’re on the question, you will see other answers.

You can also click on the follow button to follow the question.

This way you will get notifications whenever there is some activity in that thread.

Questions Worth Creating Content For

You’ve found so many questions on Quora. 

Now, the question is: 

What questions are worth creating content for?

So to find out whether this question is worth answering, scroll down and on the right side, you will see some stats about this question.

Question Stats Quora

As you can see, this is not a question that will help you a lot. The question has only 231 views and 1 follower. So keep looking for other questions.

This method is a little time-consuming but the end results will prove that its worth it. You can go back to the topic page and look for other questions.

After looking at some more questions, I found an interesting question.

Question About Link Building Quora 2

This question has 6 answers and the stats are also good. This question has 629 views.

Question Stats Quora 2

Now this the type of question you should be looking for.

Make sure a question has more than 500 views.

Research The Topic

So, you have found an idea you can write about on your blog.

But this doesn’t mean you should start writing.

Now you need to research the topic, find competitors and create an epic resource.

This will take some time and effort. You need to search about this topic. 

The only tool I use and recommend is Ahrefs.

Head over to ahrefs Content Explorer. Don’t enter the exact question that was asked.

Just enter the main keyword. Here it is “effective link building strategy”. Let’s see what comes up.

Ahrefs Content Explorer

As you can see, this is a very common topic. Click on one of the articles and see what they have mentioned. I have clicked on the first one to see what it is about.

SEO Samuel Article

This article is just like a wall of text with no images and actionable information. It is obvious that something better can be easily created about it.

Still you need to search on Google for the same keyword and see what comes up.

Google Search Link Building Strategy

These websites are of high authority and if you check the content of a few of them, you will find that its way better.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t write about it. Just check the top 10 results and analyze what is missing or what you can add.

You can combine the different techniques shared by others into one EPIC content. This is what Brian Dean did here.

Link Building Guide Brian Dean

This link building guide is basically a list of the best techniques shared ever. And instead of just adding links, he designed the page so that it looks good. He also created categories so that people can navigate easily.

And now he is ranking #2 for the keyword.

Now you might be thinking that there is already something created. How can I create something better?

Well, the truth is that you can always create something better than the existing resource.

So, go ahead and create your content. Just make sure that it answers the question asked on Quora.

Once you have found an idea and created a content about it, it’s time to answer the question on Quora.

Chapter 3:

Write Awesome Answers

Congratulations, you’re now ready to answer a question on Quora!

In this section, I’ll show you EXACTLY how to answer a question on Quora. 

And, it all begins by analyzing other answers. 


Look At Other Answers

Before you begin answering questions, let us go back to the question which we were discussing in the previous section and see what others have answered.

Top Answer Quora

This is the top answer of the thread and it should be. And this is how you should answer a question on Quora.

This answer has details about what you should do and how you should do.

It has some links and overall the answer doesn’t look like promotion.

Let us compare this answer to another answer in the same thread.

Worst Answer Quora

I just want to bang my head on the wall. Look at this answer!

I mean it’s not helpful in any way and the person just added a link to his website. It’s not that he just added a link to some reference or anything like that. The link is there because he wants to build links to his website..

What I showed you was the dark-side of Quora.

Where people just answer questions for the sake of building links and spamming.

So, don’t ever try to answer a question this way.

6 Tips For Writing Better Answers

Here is what you need to remember to make your answer the best on Quora:

Whenever you answer any question on Quora, be genuine. Use your own voice. Don’t copy someone else’s answer. And always be helpful.

To get the maximum number of upvotes, make sure that your answer has the following elements:

1. Detailed

Do you remember the answer I showed above? That answer was filled with details. If you have created an article related to the question you’re answering, add some of your content.

Give helpful and actionable tips that will help people get up and do what you’re saying.

Use data, graphs and references to back up your claims. People love data and if you provide them with your answer, they will simply hit the upvote button.

2. Images

As I’ve used Quora to answer and find answers to questions, I have noticed that answers with images tend to get more upvotes.

It’s because our brain processes visuals faster than text.

Brain Processes Visuals Faster Than Text

But, don’t add those boring stock images.

Add images that are relevant and helpful to the topic.

As I mentioned above, data images and graphs will help you.

You can also add infographics in your answers.

3. Use Personal Pronouns

Using words like “I”, “you”, “my” and “me” will help you establish a personal connection. This way you can attract the reader to your thoughts.

4. Add Links & But Not Just To Your Own Website

If you’re writing a detailed answer, it is better to add links to your answer.

But, adding links to your own website will make you sound too promotional.

Add links to some authority websites and include only 1-2 links to your website.

5. Format Your Answer

When you write a long answer on Quora, it might not look good. People seem to lose interest on reading long stuff. So to make sure people read your answer, format your answer.

Add numbered and bulleted points in your answer. 

Emphasize your answer using bold and italics.

Use quotes to make them look more interesting.

6. Videos

What’s better than an image?

A video!

Adding videos to your answer will just make your answer stand out from the others.

7. Share On Social Media

You can share your answers on your social accounts.

This will increase the exposure your answer gets and help you get more upvotes.

These are some elements that will make your answer the best.

Your answers will not be good at first, but as you will continue answering questions on Quora, they will get better.

Learn From The Top Answers

You can always read other top answers and learn from them. 

Check how they answered the question, their tone and what other elements they have used to answer the question.

This will help you learn more about answering a question perfectly on Quora.

Let’s take a look at some great answers and see what we can learn from them. 

This is a question I found. It received around 2000 views and has 12 answers.

Question About SM Tools Quora

These are the top two answers of this thread. This is the top answer of the thread.

SM Answer 1 Quora

This answer is completely self-promotion.

They have added the details about their product regardless of the question that is being asked. And, it looks like they have copy-pasted their product description here.

Look at the second answer:

SM Answer 2 Quora

This answer has received 4 upvotes.

The person has promoted their product at last but instead of spamming in the thread, they have mentioned two other tools.

Those tools might even be their competitors but they have still mentioned them.

Because apart from promoting their product, they didn’t forget to provide some value in their answer and help the person regarding the question. 

Moreover, this answer looks more personal.

This is the way you should answer a question. Still, these answers are not detailed. You should follow the above tips that I gave you to make your answer the best.

And there’s one more way to get your answer seen by many people and get upvotes.

It’s by answering the question first. As I told in the above sections, you can follow topics and receive notifications.

If you do this, you will be able to answer the questions first and get upvotes on your answers. This way you can get more people read your answer and click on the links you have added.

So that’s all about answers.

Chapter 4:

Promote Your Business On Quora

Apart from answering other people’s question, there is one more way to promote your blog/business using Quora.

This is by creating a topic page about your business/website.

Let’s see how you can do that. 


Create Your Own Topic

Let’s say I want to create a topic about a company named “Dazzling Designs”.

It’s an imaginary company that I just made up in my head.

First, you need to search the name of your business. If nothing comes up, click on search.

Topic Search Quora

Now on the left hand side, select topic.

No Topic Found Quora

If you find nothing about your business in the topics section, you can click on the “creating a new topic” link and create your topic.

Create Topic Quora

Add a name and description about your topic and you’re done. Now you will reach on the topic page which is similar to other pages. You can now add a profile picture and update your description.

To make your business topic look great, you can look at the topics of other competitors.

Here’s Buffer’s topic page on Quora. 

Buffer Topic Page Quora

 As you can see, this topic page is fully optimized. You can see a logo and a good description. Also notice the link in the about section.

You can also add a link to your website in the about section.

This topic has 7.7k followers. Scroll down and you will see the most viewed writers of the topic.

Buffer Topic Most Viewed Writers Quora

On most of the topic pages of companies, you will notice that the most viewed writers are the people who work in that company. This is because to support their customers and get more customers, you need to help them out.

Others can answer the questions asked about your business but it is better that you answer these questions yourself.

Create Buzz Around Your Topic

How will you get people ask questions about your topic?

It’s simple. There are 3 ways you can do that.

1. Share about your topic on your social profiles

Share your Quora topic on your social platforms. 

Tell your followers that they can now ask any questions on Quora. Social media is very important when it comes to promoting your business.

Importance Of Social Media For Small Business Owners

And to get most of these people ask questions, tell them that you will answer the questions yourself.

Make them feel that you are now supporting them everywhere.

2. Email your subscribers

Follow the same method here. Tell your list members that they can get fast responses from your team members on Quora.

3. Add about quora on your about and contact page

This is the best option. If you have a business run by a team, you can add about your Quora topic on your contact page.

The people coming on your contact page are those who want to ask questions and get some advice. Well, you can inform them about the topic on Quora and tell them that the questions asked on Quora are answered by our team members within 24 hours.

But make sure you keep the promise. Answer the questions asked on your topic and don’t just make them wait. Be the first one to answer.

I already told you the benefits of being the first one to answer. Creating a topic about your business is really helpful because when people start posting questions on your topic and you answer them, they are highly likely to follow you.

This way you can get questions and the opportunity to answer them first.

Chapter 5:

Convert People Into Customers

I am sure you find people on social media that are interested in your product.

Well, Quora is another place to find such people.

You will learn how to get people buy from you without being too pushy.

But, remember that you cannot get customers if you are not active on Quora.

So, before you implement anything mentioned in this section, make sure you are active on Quora and answer as many questions as possible.

Let’s begin.


Find Questions Related To Your Topic

First, you need to find out whether people are searching for something related to what you offer. This is easy to do.

As a test example, I am going to show you to do it. I searched something that people might look for on Quora.

Auto-Post Tumblr Quora

There are many people looking for something that can auto post to Tumblr. After looking at some answers, I found that there is nothing that can do something like this(weird).

But what if there is something like this. You can write your answer and let people know about it. Look at these answers:

Answers Auto-Post Tumblr Quora

As you can see, these people cannot understand the question and cannot solve their problem. Specifically the first one.

Now you can enter as the problem solver. Write your answer and now that you want to get people buy from you, use the following tips:

  1. In your answer, mention that you can help them out regarding their problem. Tell them that if they’re interested, they can message you.
  2. If your product is paid, tell them that you can provide a free trial for them to give your product a try.
  3. You can also mention that you are available for free consulting about the topic and can help them out.

Once you succeed in doing this, you can take this to the next step and get them to buy your product. But don’t try to be smart.

Be helpful and don’t just try to sell your stuff.

You can get more people to buy your product. Search for something related to your product, answer the questions.

There are many people who answer the question but are open to learning more about the topic. You can message these people and tell them that you’re available for help.

But don’t just message everyone. First, engage these people. If they have answered a question, comment on their answer and provide more details to them.

It’s not easy to find customers on Quora. That’s why you need to be careful and patient.

Chapter 6:

Build Your Brand

Building your reputation on Quora will help you get more traffic to your website.

And, this traffic can get you more subscribers and loyal fans.

What’s the basic fundamental of building a brand?

To keep helping people constantly.

And this is what you need to do on Quora. Apart from answering questions, there are some more ways you can build your reputation.


Mention People In Your Answers

This works like charm. Mentioning someone can help you build relations. And there are many ways to do that.

One of the most simple ways is to mention people who have answered the question. Even if you are not the first one to answer a question, you can still get more attraction.

Before you answer the question, read all the other answers. If you find someone’s answer helpful and interesting, mention that person in your answer.

You can mention and support that person in your answer. This way you will be able to get that person’s attention. This method can also be used in an opposite way to build some controversy.

If you don’t agree with someone’s answers, mention that person and try to build a conversation with him in your answer.

Apart from this, you can also mention other people who have not answered the question. Experts.

Check out this topic:

SMM Topic Quora

These are the most viewed writers of this topic.

Most Viewed Writers SMM Quora

So now if I am writing an answer about this topic, I can mention an expert this way:

“Well these were my thoughts but I would like to get some more insights by @person_name”

This is a good way of getting people notice you. Since they want to be the most viewed writers, they will most probably answer the question.

And once they answer the question, you can send them a private message and thank them. This way you can build a relation with these people.

One more way of using Quora to build you brand and reputation is being published on top websites. Every week Quora moderators search for some really great answers and pitch them to publications like TIME, Inc and The Huffington Post.

What’s more interesting is that they do not edit or remove the links in the answer. So when these answers are published on these websites, you don’t just build your brand.

You also get a very strong link from these publications. This will help you boost your search engine rankings.

This is why always try to answer questions the best way you can. Answer as if you’re writing for one of these publications.

And once your answer is picked, you can contact that moderator and pitch your other answers too. But again, don’t spam them. Otherwise, they will never pick your answers.

Chapter 7:

Get Crowd-Sourced Content

We’ve been talking about just answering questions.

Now, let’s get into asking some questions.

Asking questions to get content for your next article.

Quora is a gem when it comes to generating crowd-sourced content. The best way to do this is to ask questions.

Let’s see how. 


Get People To Share Their Stories

Tell me which article headline sounds more interesting:

16 Best social marketing tools


These are the 16 social marketing tools people love to use

I would choose the second one. Why?

Because it’s more personal and attention-grabbing.

Let’s say you want to write an article for the second headline, here’s how you have to ask your question on Quora:

Which tools work the best for you for social marketing?

And, I am sure you will get some great answers.

I also bet that you will get no or helpless answers when you ask the same question this way:

What are the best social marketing tools?

The fact is that everyone likes to answer a question that is more personal.

In your question description, always ask people to share their experience with the tool.

This way you get better information to share in your article.

Remember that headlines are important.

Whether it’s an article or a question on Quora. You have to steal people’s attention and make them answer your question.

And, once you have content for the article, publish it and share it on Quora.

At last, you can thank all the people who answered your question and inform them about the article.

Most of them would be happy to share it.

Chapter 8:

Measure Your ROI

All this effort for what? 

Your Quora marketing efforts will go down the drain if you don’t measure your ROI. 

Tracking your success is crucial to find out what’s working. 

Here’s how you can measure your Quora marketing ROI: 


Get People To Share Their Stories

It’s very easy to measure the success of Quora.

The easiest way to do this is by using Google Analytics.

Log in to your Google Analytics.

Click on the Acquisition tab.

Now, click on social referrals and at last on Network referrals.

Wishpond GA
Image Source: Wishpond

You will be able to see the traffic your website received from Quora.

This way you can find out if your efforts are bringing some results.

And to go a little further, you can also find your conversions from Quora.

Let’s say you want to find out how many people from Quora subscribed to your website.

For this you need to setup goals. Let me show you how:

Click on the Admin tab on the top.

Once you’re on the Admin page, click on Goals under the View section.

GA Admin

Now, click on the New Goal button.

You can select a goal template, or you can select a custom goal.

Click on custom and continue.

GA Goal Type

Give a name to your goal. If you’re setting up a goal for a new signup, give a name like “New Signup”.

In the type, select destination and continue.

GA Goal Destination

In the goal destination, add the page where a subscriber goes to after signup.

This might be your email confirmed page or your thank you page.

And, don’t add the complete link. For example – If I want to add a thank you page in the destination, I will add “/thank-you.html” and not “www.sitename.com/thank-you.html”.

Set the value Off. You can enable the funnel if there are multiple stages of signup.

So, if after signup up, the subscriber has to confirm their email, add the email confirmation address.

Add this the same way you added the destination.

Finally, click on verify this goal and continue. Your goal is ready!

To find out how many people subscribed to your website from Quora, you can follow these steps.

Click on Acquisition > All Traffic > Referrals.

You will be able to see the goals and find out the number of sign ups from Quora.

GA Conversions

You can also view your stats on Quora.

Click on your name on the top and then click on Stats.

Ahfaz Ahmed Quora Stats

Over To You

I hope you enjoyed this guide to Quora marketing. 

Now, it’s your turn to become a Quora power user. 

I’d like to hear from you in the comments section: 

Are you ready to use Quora for marketing? What will be your first move?

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