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Smart Content Filter is the first content filter plugin for WordPress.

Akshay Hallur

"I found this plugin very beneficial for my authority and Amazon sites to make users stick around longer."



Step 1. Create filters for your content

Create filters and categories for your content.

Step 2. Assign filters to your content

Highlight the content in your post editor and assign your desired filter.

Step 3. Choose your template

Select a template for your filters.


138% Increase In Average Time On Site

The average time on site of this blog is around 2-3 minutes. I decided to use Smart Content Filter for a guide I was working to test if using the plugin would make any difference on the time on site.

Turns out, Smart Content Filter helped me increase my time on page by 138%.

Create Blog Post Images - Time On Site
Create Blog Post Images - Smart Content Filter Settings

simple filter settings

We made sure that creating filters isn't something too confusing and time consuming process. We achieved this by letting you create filters and categories in your post editor itself without having to leave your page.

Easily reorder groups and filters

You can drag and move filter groups to arrange them properly. The same goes for filters.

Reordering Filter Groups
Add Filters In Content

One click to assign filters

Assigning filters to your content takes a single click.

Shortcode support

You have complete freedom over where to display the filter buttons in your post.

Enable Shortcode Feature SCF
Smart Content Filter Options - Content Box

Compatible with Thrive Architect

Using Thrive Architect? Well, Smart Content Filter works perfectly with Thrive Architect.

Stunning templates

Choose from 6 different templates to make your filters match your brand.

Templates Post Editor

Why did we create Smart Content Filter?

Let’s face it – Reading monstrous guides and list posts is not fun.

There’s so much content to consume that sometimes it gets overwhelming and you end up bookmarking the page and never reading it again. 

This used to happen to me a lot and as a blogger, I couldn’t afford the same thing happen to my readers. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that my content is very detailed and long. 

I searched everywhere to find a solution to make sure my readers don’t leave my website without consuming the full content. 

One day, I came across this post by Brian Dean: 

Backlinko SEO Tools Post

He used filters in his awesome list post. That is EXACTLY what I wanted. 

So, I spent hours looking for the plugin he used to create such filters. In the end, I found out that it was a custom solution he built for his blog. 

That made realize: 

There is no such plugin for WordPress and there are many like me who care about their readers and want to improve the user experience. 

And that’s how Smart Content Filter was born. I partnered with Paras Shah, the developer of this plugin. He came up with this plugin that lets you create filters for your blog post content. 

We spent a lot of time polishing the plugin and making it the FIRST and the BEST content filter plugin. 

After using this plugin on my blog, I have noticed many improvements. The most important of all is the time spent by the user on the site. 

I updated an old list post of mine and included filters. The result? 

53% increase in time on site. 

Smart Content Filter is no doubt the best solution for providing a better user experience. 

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