Snapchat Marketing Strategy Kit

The complete kit that will improve your Snapchat marketing tremendously.

Snapchat Marketing Strategy Kit Cover
  • Includes snapcodes of 60 top accounts you should be following on Snapchat. Save yourself some time by scanning these codes directly.
  • Cross-promotional assets that will help you grow your Snapchat followers fast.
  • A marketing spreadsheet where you can track, measure and analyze all your Snapchat activities.
  • Measure your Snapchat marketing ROI using just one spreadsheet.

What's Inside?

Snapcodes Kit

60+ Snapcodes Of Top Accounts

Snapcodes of top accounts and influencers who are currently killing it on Snapchat. 

Use these snapcodes to add them quickly and see what they’re doing on Snapchat. 


Cross-Promotional Assets

Promotional assets that you can use to promote your Snapchat profile. 

The kit contains PSD Facebook & Twitter covers, an Instagram story and photo files which you can edit easily. 

Snapchat Spreadsheet

Snapchat Marketing Spreadsheet

With this spreadsheet, you’ll be able to measure your stories, snaps, followers and messages data.

Meet The Author
Hey! I'm Ahfaz Ahmed and I created this marketing kit after seeing people struggle measure their Snapchat marketing ROI.

Marketers had no idea how to use Snapchat and were scared to jump on it because they didn't knew how to measure their efforts.

This kit will help you solve all your problems.
Ahfaz’s content is always informative and in-depth, packed full of useful content that teaches you about the topic being discussed. His research is thorough and backed up with valid statistics. I remember being awed when I discovered this blogger, and I’ve been following his posts ever since!
Lorraine Reguly
Owner, Wording Well

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