23 Cool WordPress Security Plugins To Keep Your Site Secure

WordPress Security Plugins

Having a secure website is very important as there are many hackers and haters who would try to mess up with your site. You already know that keeping a strong password for your WordPress and hosting is necessary.

But that’s not enough. Your website can be exploited in many ways you can’t even imagine. If you don’t have any technical skills to keep your site safe, don’t worry. You can maintain your website and keep it secure easily without even hiring anyone.

Securing your WordPress site is very simple and easy.

By using some important plugins for WordPress, you can keep your site safe and maintain it without any problems. In this article, I’ve mentioned 23 WordPress plugins that will help you maintain your website and also keep it safe.

WordPress Security Plugins

Let’s begin.

1. 6Scan Security

Keep your site with regular scans, powerful firewall and also automatic backups. 6Scan will protect your website from hackers by fixing vulnerabilities and malwares.

6Scan Security

You do not have to do anything after installing this plugin. It finds and protects your website against:

  • SQL Injection
  • Directory Traversal
  • Remote file inclusion
  • CSRF

And more. The plugin installs in just one-click and then it will keep your site safe. You can also get emails with scan results to keep you updated. The plugin is free and really keeps your website safe.

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2. Acunetix WP Security

Acunetix WP Security scans your WordPress installations and gives suggestions for securing files and their permissions, security of database, passwords, version hiding and much more.

Acunetix WP SecurityScan

It can easily backup your WordPress data and also provides a live traffic tool to analyze your traffic in real-time. You can disable PHP error reporting and also database error reporting.

The plugin is free and provides many features but it also lacks some features for which you will have to install other plugins.

Download Plugin

3. All In One WP Security & Firewall

This security and firewall plugin for WordPress provides comprehensive reports about your website security and helps you add extra security features.

It scans for vulnerabilities in user accounts and their login information. This will help you create strong passwords, stop user enumeration, monitor failed login attempts and also prevent brute force attacks.

The plugin also keeps your database secure by performing automatic backups and email notifications. You can ban specific IP addresses and user agents.

Moreover, this plugin also helps prevent comment spam. To keep your WordPress site secure in the best way, this is the right plugin for you. There are other plugins available that are much better but those are premium.

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4. Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

Search for malware, viruses and many other vulnerabilities that can cause trouble to your website. This plugin runs a complete scans and removes security threats and backdoor scripts.

Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

The plugin does work great but it’s features are limited. To get more features, you will have to upgrade to their premium version.

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5. Antivirus

Protects your website from exploits and spam injections. You can schedule a daily scan of your database and theme files with this plugin.


You can get virus alerts in your admin bar. It also provides email notifications of your scans to keep you updated. The plugin is free and is available in different languages.

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6. Ask Apache Password Protect

Stop automated hackers and attackers from exploiting your website with Ask Apache plugin. What this plugin does is that it creates a virtual wall using built-in Apache server security to prevent attacks before they even reach to your website.

Ask Apache Password Protect

The plugin is very effective in protecting your website and is free.

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7. BackupBuddy

Protecting half a million of websites since 2010, BackupBuddy is really effective and works like charm. Create backups of your WordPress site data with this plugin.

It can back up your entire website including pages, settings, themes, posts, plugins, comments, media library, widgets and files. Everything can be backed up with BackupBuddy.


You can schedule backups and store them anywhere off-site. It also provides email notifications about your website backups.

There are many more features like WordPress migration, malware scan and database rollbacks provided in this premium plugin. If you are looking for a complete solution and want just one plugin to do everything, then install BackupBuddy.

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8. Block Bad Queries

I am not a tech savvy but I know that this plugin works great. It checks your incoming traffic and blocks bad requests.

It’s easy to install and works fast. You don’t even have to check this plugin as it does the job silently. The plugin is free but the pro version is also available which is more advanced and provides many more features.

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9. Brute Force Login Protection

Protect your website from brute force attacks using .htaccess. It blocks the IP address of the hacker after a certain time period. You can also manually block IP addresses.

Brute Force Login Protection

You can get email updates when an IP address is blocked. The plugin also limits the number of login attempts and slows down brute force attack by delaying execution.

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10. BulletProof Security

Install this plugin with one-click and protect your website from hackers. It provides many features like security logging, HTTP error logging, login security and maintenance. Check out this video to learn more about this cool plugin.

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11. Clef Two-Factor Authentication

Do you remember your WordPress admin password? Sometimes remembering those very strong passwords is difficult and if you want to login to your website but cannot access your password, you will have many problems.

That’s where Clef Two-Factor Authentication is used. Its mobile app offers a two-factor authentication without the use of a password.

Sign in and out of all your site with just one click. If you are unable to understand how this plugin work, watch this quick 30 second demo.

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12. Exploit Scanner

It scans suspicious files in your WordPress site and reports you about it. The biggest con is that this plugin just scans and does nothing after that.

You will have to decide what to do and if you don’t know what to do, this plugin will cause problems. So if you’re a beginner, try using other plugins first.

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13. iThemes Security

It protects your website in 30 different ways and fixes many threats and problems in your website. Formerly known as Better WP Security, iThemes Security is will stop automated attacks, strengthen user credentials, scans for malware and also adds a two factor authentication.

iThemes Security

It protects your website from brute force attacks, blocks bad users, forces SSL for admin pages and much more. This plugin works like charm and will totally shield your website from hackers.

The pro version is even better as it offers more features that will lock down your WordPress site.

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14. Login Lockdown

It simply limits the number login attempts for a specific IP address by disabling the login function after some failed attempts.

These options can be modified and IP addresses can be released by the admin. The plugin is free but if you already use a security plugin, it will offer this feature.

iThemes Security offers this plugin so you don’t have to use this plugin.

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15. Login Security Solution

This plugin is similar to Login Lockdown but it provides more features. With this plugin, IP addresses can be blocked, limits login attempts and it also offers notifications to let you know about attackers.

It monitors authentication cookies, tracks logins and other features. But if you already use any other security plugin, you can avoid installing this plugin.

It offers more features than Login Lockdown and is also free.

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16. Stealth Login

Add an extra security layer to your website with Stealth Login. It protects your website from hackers, bots and brute force attacks.

Stealth Login

You must know that this plugin will not ban IP addresses. It will create a secret login authorization code that every user must add.

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17. Sucuri Security

The master of security plugins that will audit, scan and monitor your website. It provides the following features:

  • Security Activity Auditing
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Remote Malware Scanning
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Effective Security Hardening
  • Post-Hack Security Actions
  • Security Notifications

The plugin is free and provides everything required to keep your site safe from hackers.

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18. ThemeCheck

Do you know that the themes installed on your WordPress can be used to hack your website? If didn’t knew about this, don’t worry.

Just install ThemeCheck and it will run tests and will display the results. There’s nothing more to know about this plugin. But if you want to learn more, watch this video review of ThemeCheck.

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19. Vaultpress

Vaultpress is a real-time backup plugin which scans and creates a backup of your website. The plugin is premium so if you want a free plugin, try using BackupBuddy.

You can also browse your backups, restore any backup, fix threats and a lot more.

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20. WordFence

WordFence is the most downloaded security plugin for WordPress. It provides features like web application firewall, real-time blocking, log-in security, security scanning and many monitoring features.

The caching features provided in the plugin also speeds up your website. Check out this brief overview of the plugin:

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21. WP Antivirus Site Protection

This plugin detects and removes viruses and fixes other threats to protect your website. It scans all your WordPress files and provides notifications by email.

WP Antivirus Protection

It provides many more features including:

  • Brute force protection
  • Security reports
  • Daily cron feature
  • Heuristic Logic feature

And much more. This is a great free solution for an antivirus plugin for WordPress.

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22. WP Limit Login Attempts

Another plugin that protects your website from brute force attacks. WP Limit Login Attempts will limit the number of login attempts temporarily blocking IP addresses.

It also provides a captcha option and a feature to slow down the mechanism of brute force attack.

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23. WP-DB Manager

Manage your complete WordPress database with WP-DB Manager. You can optimize, repair, backup and restore your database.

WP-DB Manager

You can also delete the backup database and drop tables. It also lets you schedule automatic backups, optimization and repair of database.

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So, are you ready to secure your WordPress site? These are the best plugins you will ever find and they will keep your site safe and secure.

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