8 Elements To Turn Your About Us Page Into A List Building Machine


Your about us page is one of the most important pages on your website. And optimizing it is very important to build more trust for your brand.

Whenever someone visits your about page, it means that they are interested in:

  1. 1. Reading more about you and your website
  1. 2. To know more about the history of the website

There are many more reasons why people visit the about page. And when they do visit it, you better be ready with an awesome page.

But before you do that, you need to ask yourself:

What am I trying to achieve with my about page?

This could be building more trust, getting readers subscribe to your blog or generating more sales to your product. Choose a goal that fits your audience.

In this article, I am going to show the 8 most important elements of a perfect about page. There’s more for you:

I also have an infographic for you that will show you how to create an about page that will generate more subscribers.

In the end, I’ll also show some examples of great about pages. This will help you get an idea of how to write an about page.

How To Turn Your About Us Page into a List Building Machine – Infographic

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8 Elements of a Perfect About Us Page

Here are the most important elements you need to have on your about page:

1. Proper Navigation

A navigation menu is very important because it will help the reader navigate through the website.

And it’s very important to have a navigation on top of the page. Why?

About Us Page Navigation

Because not all users will scroll down the website to find a menu. And it’s not that you should have a navigation menu so that people can find your about page.

You should also have a clear and simple menu on your about page so that the user can navigate through other pages easily.

2. Make Your Headline Benefit-Driven

Having a headline is very important and we all know that. But your headline shouldn’t be “About” or “About Us”. Most of the websites still use such headlines, but now you should try something different.

Your headline should focus on what you can do for the visitor. A headline is the first impression and gives an idea to the user what your about page is like. Check out Chris Ducker’s headline on his about page:

About Page Headline

So use headlines like “I am here to make you a better writer” instead of “About Me”.

Ramsay Taplin from BlogTyrant has an amazing about page. And its headline got everyone’s attention.

The headline “About Me and You” clearly addresses the reader. This makes the reader feel more connected and will not leave the page without reading it.

About Us Page Headline

Also, do not use headlines like “We are the best web development company”. Such headlines will make the reader leave your page before even reading it.


Because everyone’s tired of reading such headlines like “We are best in this…” and “We are best in that”.

How can you claim you are the best? What makes you the best? It makes no sense of using such headline.

You can also add a byline to make your headline more attractive. Take a look here:

About Us Page Byline

And if you still want to use a simple headline like “About Us” then adding a byline will work.

3. Use Images & Other Graphics

Adding images on your about page is very essential. You can add your own image or your whole team.

Whatever it is, adding at least one image is very important. It shows who you are.

About Us Page Image

But remember this:

Do not add any stock images. It’s your about page and you should not add any stock images. Use your own photo. If you don’t want to show yourself, add your logo.

But having your own photo will help you build more trust with your brand.

4. Tell Your Story

Tell your readers how you started, what motivated to start this website and how you will help them.

If you’re an old business, use a timeline to depict the most important events and accomplishments of your journey.

Moz has done this very beautifully. Their timeline depicts the goals they have achieved.

About Us Page Timeline

Also keep your story short and simple. Do not write a story people will get bored by reading. Use images in between.

Write your story with a suspense tone so that people stick to it till the end. Also write in first person.

5. Include A Video

Look at Neil Patel’s about page:

About Us Page Video

There’s nothing but just one video. And that video describes who he is, what he does, how he started and how he will help you.

If you can add a video on your about page, you will build more trust and reputation than your competitors.

But remember that adding a video isn’t compulsory. It’s just the cherry on the top.

And if you want to craft a perfect about page, then you might want to add a video. So what to add in the video?

Here are some examples:

1. You can add your complete brand story just like Neil did on his page.

2. You can ask your team to help you make a video. This way different team members can speak about the experience working with you. What’s the use? Well, this will create a personal bond between your company and the reader.

3. You can add testimonials from your customers. The best way to build trust. If you’re creating a video with testimonials, you can also add some achievements. For example – If your company won an award in your industry or was mentioned among top companies, you can mention that in your video.

4. You can combine all the three and make a perfect video describing: your story, the team experience and finally testimonials from your customers.

If you are not ready for a video yet, don’t worry. Not having a video doesn’t mean your page is not good.

6. Add testimonials

Not having a video doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add any testimonial. Testimonials are very important for an about page.

You should have at least one testimonial. These testimonials can be from industry experts or your customers.

About Us Page Testimonial

You can also spice up these testimonials by backing them with a case study. Creating a short case study for your testimonials will help you a lot.

This will help you in converting your visitors more easily.

7. Add Contact Information

So after reading your story, the reader decides to buy your product. But he/she wants to contact you first.

And you don’t have any contact information!

How pissed off will that person be? That’s why always add your contact information. By this, I don’t mean you should add your email address.

About Us Page Contact Information

You should add a small contact form or a link to your contact form. Also never forget to add your social media links.

This way if someone wants to reach out to you quickly, they will be able to find your contact information easily without searching through the whole website.

8. Include A Strong Call To Action

Not having a call-to-action on your about page is like, driving a car without steering (I am bad at giving examples).

Imagine this:

Someone visits your about page and likes it a lot, He wants to learn more from you but you have not provided any way to subscribe.

This means you just a lost a potential customer.

I hope now you realize the importance of having a call to action. You can offer an ebook, a preview of your course or a mini-course.

But you should provide some value. You can’t just say:

“Subscribe to my newsletter and get regular updates”

You should create something that will help the user. Otherwise, no one will subscribe. Take a look at BloggerJet’s CTA.

About Us Page CTA

It’s very clear and when you get on the list, you get what was promised.

Some More Helpful Tips To Make Your Page Perfect

1. Do Not Use A Sidebar

Isn’t it obvious?

You want to provide a good experience to the reader. You want to make a good impression. You also want to build some trust.

So tell me why you need a sidebar on your about us page?

Most common sidebars have a:

1. Search button

2. Popular Posts

3. Sign Up Form

4. Ad Banners

BlogTyrant About Page No Sidebar

Now when someone is on your about page, you really don’t need these things to distract the reader. You already have a navigation bar on top. You also have a CTA at the bottom.

So ditch the sidebar. This will create a distraction-free reading for the visitor and will also increase your conversions.

2. Your Page Should Load Fast

Someone is so interested in you and your brand and he/she is staring at the screen waiting for the page to load.

How annoying! Users will abandon your page if it loads slow. Optimize your page and make sure it loads fast.

3. Choose The Right Color

But Ahfaz, what’s the right color for me?

You will have to find this yourself. Because different colors trigger different emotions.

Colors Emotion

You need to test out some colors and see which one works for you. To make this easier for you, read this article on CoSchedule about color psychology.

So these were the most important elements of an about page. Now I am going to show you some great examples of about pages. We’ll check if they have the above elements on their page. The reason I am showing you these examples is that this way you will have an idea of how to craft an about page.

These examples will be your inspiration to create a stunning about us page.

8 Examples Of Stunning About Pages

Let us explore some really great about pages. I’ve picked some great websites and this will help you learn more about writing a good about us page. Let’s begin.


Moz has one of the best about us page. Their about page tells us the whole story and background of the company.

Their timeline depicting the most important events is very creative. We already discussed this above. The page has a clear headline with a byline.

Moz About Page

Also, notice how they mentioned their contact information at the top. Let’s check what elements this page contains.

You might be thinking why they don’t have any testimonial. Well, they really don’t need it. Why?

Because they are now a big brand and everyone in the internet marketing industry knows about and trust Moz. So having a testimonial makes no sense. Here is what their about page consists of:

  • Proper Navigation
  • Headline with a byline
  • Image
  • Story
  • Company History In A Form Of A Timeline
  • Contact Information
  • No Sidebar
Copy Blogger

Copy Blogger’s about us page is one my favorite. Their page is very simple and their story is inspiring. The call-to-action is very clear. If you want to create a simple about page, then you must take a look at Copy Blogger’s about page. Their about page contains the following elements.

CopyBlogger About Page CTA

  • Very Strong Headline
  • An Image Of Their Team
  • Testimonial
  • Story Written Beautifully
  • Strong CTA
Smart Passive Income

Pat from SPI has the most beautifully designed website. And his about page is not an exception. His page is so awesome that after reading, you’ll feel like you know Pat personally.

SPI About Page

From personal story to images showing him at different meetings, this page lacks nothing. The CTA at the bottom is very attractive and you can’t help but subscribe.

Here’s what makes SPI’s about us page so special:

  • Simple Headline
  • Images
  • A Detailed Story
  • Irresistible Call-To-Action
  • No Sidebar

ProBlogger is one of the oldest websites that teach blogging. Darren inspired many people (me too) to start blogging and make a living online.

ProBlogger About Page

And that’s why I don’t want to miss his about page which is very awesome. If you check his about page, you notice that there are no sidebars, a video is added, contact information is available and an awesome CTA is there at the bottom.

Almost everything about which we discussed above is on his about page.

  • Headline with a byline
  • Background Story
  • No Sidebar
  • His Image
  • Video
  • Contact Information
  • Call-To-Action
Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker’s about page design is very awesome. And so is the content on his page. The page has two CTA buttons and also two testimonials.

And between all this, there is also a video. Let’s sum up the elements of his about page:

  • Benefit-Driven Headline
  • Testimonials
  • No Sidebar
  • His Image
  • Video
  • Contact Information
  • CTA Buttons

Brian Dean from Backlinko has a great about page too. You can see his image right at the top. Notice that there is no sidebar. Most of the examples I’ve shown you have no sidebars.

Backlinko About Page

His about page has everything and is really perfect. Creating an about page like Brian’s is very simple and you can also do it. You need the following elements:

  • Strong Headline
  • Images
  • CTA
  • Contact Information
  • Proper Navigation Menu
  • No Sidebar
Blog Tyrant

BlogTyrant’s about page is appreciated a lot. Why? Because it’s unique. We already discussed their headline. Now let’s dig in to find out what makes his about page so awesome.

Just after the headline, there is an image of Ramsay. And then he tells his story which is really wonderful. Between the story, there is a call-to-action which is very simple.

At the end of the page, there is another big CTA which looks very attractive. Again there is no sidebar on his page. In fact, Ramsay removed sidebars from his blog completely.

BlogTyrant has the following elements on his about page:

  • Very Strong Headline
  • His Image
  • Powerful Story
  • CTA Buttons
  • No Sidebar
  • Testimonial

Venngage got a little creative with their about page and made it really awesome. Their page is something you don’t usually come across.

On top of the page, they have mentioned about their team members. But that’s not it. When you scroll down, you will find some charts and graphs. These graphs show what they have studied, what they drink in mornings and what they are up to on weekends. Looks like they really love watching Game of Thrones.

Venngage About Page

This is really cool because their product is an infographic maker. So they really did a great job in showing what their product can do.

Apart from these charts and graphs, there is a world map showing Venngage users around the world. Now that’s something unique.

Venngage About Us Page


I think now know how to create a really good about page. Make sure your page has all the elements I mentioned above. And also take inspiration from these examples.

You can also check pages of your competitors and see what they’ve done. Try to get a little creative and be different. And at last I want you to do something:

Comment down the links of your about page and I’ll be glad to have a look. I will reply to your comments and let you know if your page needs any changes.

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